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October 12, 2012 - Indefinite Hiatus

Some tragic news here. Hero Academy artist Aisaku has passed on. Both Pablo and I are deeply broken up on this. We both loved Aisaku very dearly and having his presense abscent is like a wound that seems to not want to heal. He passed on Sunday of a stroke, and I hope he knows that he was deeply loved. Ai, I'm sorry about all the deadlines, but I loved the work you did, and I loved your sense of humor, and I love you, man. I will miss you.

Pablo has agreed to finish the pages of this arc, afterwards, HA is going on indefinite hiatus as I sort out what I want to do. This might be the end, folks. I'm sorry. I was playing the Quest for Glory series last weekend to try and spark some inspiration for the next arc, but now I find it hard to even play it, the thoughts bringing me squarely back to Ai. I thought it was hard when my mentor died a few years back, but Ai's death stings even worse. Again, I'm sorry, but we need some time, Pablo and I, as we think about Ai, reflect, and mourn.

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