Welcome new students to the Academy of Heroic Scholastics and Adventuring. You are one of the lucky few that has passed the preliminary examinations (and paid the tuition!), so be proud of your accomplishment. For the next four years, you will be earning a degree in the exciting field of being a hero and adventurer.


The Academy offers the most advanced in training and academic facilities in the known civilized world. On our grounds we have several open courtyards adorned with magnificently magical fountains, and a five star archery range. Our work-out facilities house the latest in exercise equipment ranging from a brand new iron maiden to a newly refurbished rack for a nice stretch after a long hard day of physical training.

For the more intellectually gifted students, we offer one of the largest libraries in the civilized world. Our library, four floors tall with a basement apothecary addition to be added in the spring, Rituals and customs of the known civilizations are stored in our hallowed halls, required reading for any serious adventurer.

As for our thief students, we offer the finest thief training course available and boast nearly all known locks on the grounds (some of which should not be picked, but those will be securely barred from the inside). An underground labyrinth and obstacle course would also surely help a training thief hone their agility and acrobatic ability.

Our dormitories are located on the east and southern wings of our grounds, each with communal baths (cool running water coming from our magical springs, and warm running water courtesy of a hot spring). Those that don't wish to stay in the dorms are welcome to find an apartment in the port city of Mollis Undo, which is a short walk from campus.


At the Academy of Heroic Scholastics and Adventuring, we have gathered the finest heroes from all four corners of the world to teach and instruct the next generation. Our physical trainers and weapons instructors are the finest veterans we could find, including the legendary paladin Mark Rothsburg of the north.

Our wizards and mages are all accredited to instruct with the finest technical degrees from the top olive leaf schools, such as the wise Wizard Leeworth (and his chipmunk familiar Chip). And a branch of our wizardry wing are of course is our ever talented healers and apothecary instructors.

As for our thievery branch, only the finest of learned locksmiths and talented tightrope walkers have been selected (and in some cases paroled) from the seediest corners and circuses around the globe. Famous circus acrobat and part-time thief, part time hero Nicholas Trend, also known as his alias as the Spider, has recently been put on loan to the Academy as an instructor.


While the instructors of our school are the heart of the Academy, the classes are the ever vital arteries. The Following General Education Classes are being offered at this time for first and second year students:

Communications Honor 101 Economics for Struggling Heroes Wilderness Survival and Basket Weaving
Prophecy Fulfillment and Interpretation Problem Solving for Troublemakers Geography for Adventurers on the Go

Also available for the more Warrior minded students are these specialized courses:

Basic Spear Throwing Weight Training for Wimps How to Build Endurance Basic Weapons Maintenance
Archery 101 Swordfighting and Melee Combat

For the more magically adept students, we offer the following courses:

Creative Spellcasting Elemental Magic Critical Casting & Thinking Mana Crisis Management
Basic Magical Rituals and Runes Mystical Botany

Finally, for our more Felonious thinking students, these thief courses may help you gain success:

Thief Signs: Do's and Don't's Trick Throwing of Thief Weapons Crafty Climbing and Cliff Scaling
Basic Lockpicking Combat Avoidance 101

Student Code of Conduct

Now, even adventurers and up and coming heroes have to follow unspoken, unwritten rules. However, having them unwritten makes it hard to have a code of conduct, doesn't it?

  1. As a Hero, your responsibility is to improve the world around you.
  2. Don't take from those less fortunate than you.
  3. A Kind Deed is Reward on its own.
  4. Give to those less fortunate than you.
  5. An ill deed will sow retribution.
  6. Consult Local Law Enforcement when necessary.
  7. Follow Local Laws when it doesn't interfere with rule 9.
  8. Explore the unknown.
  9. Avoid harming the innocent.
  10. Come back alive.

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