Aidale enrolled into the Academy at the age of 18 and has had a very rough year. For reasons that are a mystery to most of the teaching staff, he enrolled in all three degree fields. His grade average is better than average, but all his instructers note he would score far higher if he picked a single degree field. Aidale refuses the suggestion, despite being warned about the fates of previous students who have attempted the very same thing.

Currently, any deficiency he has in one skill, Aidale makes up for by using a combination of skills he's learned, making his improvizational skill quite noteworthy.

Erim of the Green's lineage is rather obvious. Being half-faye makes Erim much more magically attuned than humans and other more common species in the known world. Most of the other students have described Erim as quiet and aloof, although she has demonstrated a kind-hearted nature several times. After a year of school, her most obvious weakness is communicating and social interaction, which she has promised to improve.

Her Faye nature also makes her a natural at casting glamours and protection spells. That plus her amazing intellect will make her quite a heroine once she graduates.

If there's one thing teachers agree about when it comes to Bob Cambrone, it's that he is 'ambitious to be unambitious'. Bob's a frequent sleeper in class and is noted in his lack of interest in class activities, most cases barely passing exams using the bare minimum of effort. When pressed by his guidance counselor, Bob's answer was that famous thieves are the ones that die young.

Arrichion Val is considered one of the finest students the Academy has produced in the last 5 years. A second year student currently advancing to his third year, Arrichion was already an accomplished practitioner of the martial art Pankration before enrolling. After his enrollment, Arrichion's skills and abilitites have increased tremendously, thanks to the training our facilities can offer.

Arrichion's weakness is that he relies on his skills in Pankration more than anything else. In social situations, he is polite enough, but remains rather stoic.

Calvin is considered the most promising young mage in the Academy, already creating several original spells(a graduation requirement for any student in the Mage Degree Program) and showing incredible unique applications of these new self-made spells, most of which center on defense. However, Calvin's views on humanity are somewhat bleak, reinforced by his intent studies in ancient prophecies of heroism. During his mid term evaluation, Calvin has stated his belief that everything is pre-destined from birth, and that if everything has been written, it cannot be changed.

This bleak view has made it hard for Calvin to socialize, especially considering that many of the other academy students are hard luck cases that arrived to the school's hallowed halls on ambition alone.

Jayish is a second year student who is secretive, but doesn't mind giving anyone a flirtuous glance before going on in her way to become an accomplished female thief in an industry that is rather male dominated. Jayish prides herself in her use of throwing weapons, currently holding the academy's records in accuracy and range in hand thrown knives and daggers. She often uses her knives and her aim to compensate for other thief skills she has not quite yet mastered, such as using thrown weapons as a foothold on a scalable surface as opposed to using a rope.

While such ingenuity is usually applauded, Jayish's determination to hone a single solitary skill above others will regardless be a problem in any adventuring career.

A young prince from a small island nation of farmers, sheep herders, and minor nobles, Kernicus came to the Academy's shores looking for great glory and adventure. Kernicus is quite the master of trickery and has been noted in being quite cunning, looking for solutions that aren't quite obvious. He is in decent shape, however, and has average rankings in swordsmanship and specializes in archery. Other students have stated being uneasy around Kernicus's pet wolf, despite Kernicus insisting the wolf is well trained.

Milton is considered a well off, well rounded(in both the stomach, and traditional sense) mage. His talents however stem from his mastery of animal familiars, which for a mage at the age of 20 is practically unheard of. Before arriving at the academy, Milton already raised his small tribe of rare monkeys and performed the nessisary training required to tame them, keeping them dormant in the large oak barrel he wears upon his back, that is except in times he needs them to help.

From far up north, Agnarr is from the Nort-lands, a snow covered land near the frozen seas. Agnarr is a very friendly fellow and enjoys the physical challenge of the Academy, as well as a good pint of ale. Agnarr has competed at the neighboring colluseum several times, although his challenges ceased once Val started competing. Despite this, Agnarr enjoys a good fight.

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